executive team

Founded by industry pioneers, we are an independent studio dedicated to using VR technology to deliver immersive interactive narrative experiences. 

Through our combined decades of research and achievements in video game production and 360 video, Forward Reality is creating the next generation of media-rich VR entertainment. 

Sherri Cuono - Co-Founder, CEO

Sherri Cuono has managed and developed streaming technologies for a wide range of VR experiences including James Cameron's Earthship TV. 

Cuono produced and developed the delivery and streaming technologies that streamed interactive media from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.



William Volk - Co-Founder, Chief Futurist

Former VP of Technology at Activision, responsible for the production of the 1st CD-ROM game, The Manhole™ and The Return to Zork™.

At Lightspan, Volk led a team that produced more than 110 educational titles for PlayStation.  As Chief Futurist at Forward Reality, he brings almost three decades of innovation, to these exciting new technology projects.








Barry Sandrew - Visual Effects Visionary

Internationally recognized entrepreneur, digital imaging expert and visual effects pioneer, with over 29 patents and 27 years of feature film and TV accomplishments for all 6 major Hollywood studios and 3 major networks. 

Sandrew invented digital colorization, colorizing over 250 films, 180 TV episodes and 70 cartoons.   As COO and Sr. Stereographer, Sandrew oversaw a team of 3D artists in the conversion of Alice In Wonderland, Shrek, Shrek 2 and Shrek the 3rd. The team he put together has produced over 30 of the most successful 3D box office feature films that have come out of Hollywood in the past 7 years.