The Day The World Didn’t End

Relive An Event That Changed History

"This was not only the most dangerous moment of the Cold War, It was the most dangerous moment in human history.” 

-  Arthur Schlesinger, Aide to President Kennedy


A Documentary Game based on the actual events during the Cuban Missile Crises.  Events that could have led to World War III, if not for the actions of one person …

A Technology Showcase for the Intelligent Conversation System

Your sub is hiding in the ocean, and the Americans are dropping depth charges left and right of the hull. Inside, the sub is rocking, shaking with each new explosion. What the Americans don’t know is that your sub has a tactical nuclear torpedo on board, available to launch, and that your captain is asking himself, should I fire?

This actually happened.


A Virtual Reality Experience that blends cinematic narrative with adventure game interactivity.

Players become participants in this historical event, engaging with the crew and learning, from conversations, about the events leading up to this day.




Key Features

This title will showcase our Intelligent Conversation System.

  • A.I. branching conversation with the crew about unfolding events.
  • Realistic 3D modeling and audio-realism.
  • Challenging relevant puzzle play.
  • Ability to ask characters about events and conversations.
  • Speech recognition on advanced VR platforms.

360 video for purposes of modeling a Foxtrot Submarine for, The Day The World Didn't End.