The Choice


Forward Reality is creating a VR app that addresses the issue of campus sexual assaults.

Sexual assaults on American college campuses is an epidemic that needs to end.  Among undergraduate students,  23.1% of females and 5.4% of males, experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation.  

Colleges and Universities are taking steps to educate students on this issue with mixed results. Traditional programs aimed at prevention "are brief – one hour or less – and focused on improving knowledge about the problem, Knowledge is important, but it's clear these programs don't prevent people from perpetuating sexual violence. 


- Sarah DeGue, Behavioral scientist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Effective prevention programs involve interactive instruction and provide active, hands-on experiences that increase the participants’ skills

(Dusenbury & Falco, 1995).

We believe that an interactive VR experience will be more effective than an instructional video or lecture.  The key is effective role play that allows participants to understand the consequences of the choices they make.

“The Choice” is an interactive VR experience, that places students into situations and allows them to see the consequences of their actions.  

This role playing utilizes natural speech recognition and AI driven responses.  

We believe VR can have a greater emotional effect which will result in increased empathy and better prevention of campus sexual assaults.

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of sexual abuse and harassment.
  • Promote positive social attitudes and a negative view of dating violence and sexual harassment.
  • Increase prosocial intervening behaviors for bystanders, including knowledge of and skills for safely intervening.
  • Correct misperceptions in normative beliefs about sex and rape.
  • Increase knowledge of the elements of sexual consent.
  • Affect masculine gender roles.