Edison's Lab

A Documentary Game based on the

inventions of Thomas Edison

Edison is looking for new assistants, can you pass the test?

Find the items he needs for his next invention by searching his famous workshops in a photo-realistic 3D space.  Learn about the history of the objects you find.

Use touch controllers to pick up, move and throw objects.  Navigate five different locations and solve puzzles.


Edison’s Laboratory brings one of the most popular game genres, Hidden Objects, to VR.  This is combined with the activities players enjoy in VR, to immerse the user in the world of Thomas Edison and his inventions and create a fun and educational experience.

Explore the laboratories where Edison created his greatest inventions.  The player will locate some of Edison’s most famous inventions and learn more about his history and work.

 Edison's Lab Rendering

Edison's Lab Rendering

Sneak Peek of Edison's Lab